Create your identity

The first step to enter Idena Network consists in downloading the client from the official Idena website. Opening the client for the first time will create your account on Idena Network. Follow the steps below to be ready for the validation process.


1) At the first startup your client will start synchronizing with the blockchain. You need to be synchronized to use the wallet, but you don't need it to proceed with this tutorial.

Synchronize blocks

Once you open the client for the first time, your identity will be automatically created, consisting of a public key (used also as your wallet address) and a private key (to be kept safe). At the first startup, the client will also start synchronizing with the blockchain. For this tutorial, you don't need to wait until the end, you can just proceed to the next step. A fully synchronized client will allow you to use the wallet.

2) Use a strong password to export your private key

Export private key

Go to the settings tab and export your private key in an encrypted form: use a strong password and click on "export". Your encrypted private key will pop up; copy it and store it safely with your password. You will need the encrypted private key and the password to connect to the shared node.

You are now ready for the next step

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