Are you human?

Join a network free of bots and fake accounts powered by the Idena blockchain

Welcome to Idena Network

Join the mining of the first human-centric cryptocurrency.
Contribute to a new web free of AI bots and fake accounts and be rewarded by iDNA coins.
Unique cryptoidentity

Every human should have self-sovereign identity rights. Joining the Idena Network allows you to claim your identity without trusting a third party and whilst keeping your privacy.

Decentralized web

Let's build a new decentralized web based on people instead of wealth or authority, a web in which information and interactions can't be manipulated by bots and fake accounts.

Universal basic income

Being part of the Idena Network allows you to claim iDNA rewards, simply by proving you are human during validation sessions. Every human earns rewards at the same rate.

Human identity validation

The most accessible way to validate your identity and join Idena network proving you are human is to pass the validation test on web by connecting to a shared node.

You can setup your identity and be ready for validation simply using the web app following this guide.

Alternatively, you can download the desktop client to setup your identity on your computer. The desktop client takes a bit more effort but it will also work as a wallet to send and receive iDNA and to take part to oracle votings, which are functions currently unavailable on the web app. In that case, you can follow this guide.


Create your identity

You can create your identity and encrypt your private key using the web app or the desktop client following one of the setups linked above. 

Obtain a shared node API key

Contact or other shared node operators to obtain an API key.

Connect to the shared node for the validation

On the validation day open the web app and use your keys to access the node.



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We will reply as soon as possible

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